Launched in 2008, James Madison University offers a single interdisciplinary undergraduate engineering degree program built upon project-based learning and community engagement. Built upon a rich liberal arts foundation, the program focuses on sustainable design, project management, complex systems analysis, and features eight semesters of authentic engineering projects, including a year-long sophomore project, and two-year long capstone. Our department is known for its faculty diversity, undergraduate mentoring, and faculty-student collaboration for departmental innovation. With 450 students, seventeen faculty, and nine staff, our department’s mission is to be a learning organization that nurtures project-ready engineers who better industry, society, and the planet through responsible innovation.

Our KEEN partnership affords our engineering program a vital network of academic peers, our faculty a network of colleagues eager to revolutionize engineering education, and our students a multitude of academic benefits. Together these opportunities will help Madison Engineering to be the best undergraduate engineering program for the world by helping our faculty, students, and alumni flourish professionally and personally.
"KEEN is a perfect complement to the mission, vision, values, and practices of engineering at James Madison University. KEEN’s focus on mindset, in particular, helps us position our graduates as influential, and responsible, change agents in a world hungry for clever engineering solutions."
- Dr. Kurt Paterson, Head, Department of Engineering, James Madison University