View videos featuring faculty from engineering schools across the country discussing KEEN, entrepreneurially minded learning, and sharing best practices for integrating these concepts into curriculum. The video library also features engineering education thought leaders, leaders of colleges and universities, and even celebrities discussing why entrepreneurial mindset is so important. These videos can serve as a springboard to integrating EML as well as can be resources you can use in your courses.
The KEEN'zine is our magazine to highlight the work of the Network. Flip through any edition to find stories of faculty implementing entrepreneurially minded learning.
From unleashing "intrapreneurs" to a complete handbook for EML, each themed edition allows for further understanding of the KEEN Framework and how it is applied in different contexts. Because most articles are authored by Network faculty, you get an insider’s look at the process and implementation of these principles.
There have been thousands of pieces of entrepreneurially minded curriculum developed by KEEN partners. From that, we’ve compiled a list of exemplar curriculum that can be applied across disciplines. The exemplars include a project that uses a storyline to focus students on value creation, a single civil engineering worksheet that puts the community in context, how to use the Question Formulation Technique (QFT) to integrate EML, and many more!
This exemplar curriculum is only a small sample of the curriculum that is accessible through our online community.
Frequently Asked Questions
Have questions? We’ve developed answers. View our FAQs list to get answers to your questions. Here you can find out what it means to be a KEEN partner, how long KEEN has existed, and different ways that you can engage with the Network. If you don’t find the answer or question you are looking for, we have a way for you to submit your question directly. And if you are looking for a livelier Q&A, login to the community and check out the forums.