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There’s no substitute for talking to a customer and hearing what they like and don't like about a product. Here's how to frame classes in real-world contexts to help students understand opportunity and impact.
Providing transformative experiences for students can help them connect engineering knowledge with the real need for that knowledge to be applied. Try these cards!
Opportunity recognition is a key aspect of the entrepreneurial mindset. In addition to the technical skills we cultivate in our students, we want to foster their mindset to be value creators. These cards will help!
Are you interested in engaging your students with pain points? This curated set of cards explores identifying problems, alleviating pain points, and different perspectives leading to innovation.
Explore what curiosity means with the entrepreneurial mindset, how lives and careers are changed for the better, and more. Use this curated set of cards in your classroom!
Read stories from the Engineering Unleashed community that demonstrate exceptional use of the entrepreneurial mindset! Generate and adapt ideas for your own classes and communities, and download resources the story authors provide.
The KEEN Leadership Council empowers KEEN partner institutions to shape and guide Network initiatives and activities.
Contact these Engineering Unleashed thought leaders to speak on topics involving entrepreneurial mindset!
Get the highlights and stories of the work KEEN has accomplished during the 2019-20 academic year with faculty and students supporting and driving the entrepreneurial mindset among classes, curricula, institutions, and communities.
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