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Read stories from the Engineering Unleashed community that demonstrate exceptional use of the entrepreneurial mindset! Generate and adapt ideas for your own classes and communities, and download resources the story authors provide.
My experiences with KEEN have helped evolve my teaching philosophy and have provided me opportunities for professional development, scholarship, and professional networking.
Generate better student-employer matches that lead to long-term success by ensuring students are adding concrete value and employers understand the breadth and depth of that value.
Creating value is any engineer's most important credential. When you focus on creating value, you'll connect to a passion and to people you might not have as you pursue valuable work.
Intrapreneurs must be able to recognize organizational pitfalls that could impede or derail their efforts. Help students connect the importance of the human element in the creative enterprise to effectively innovate.
This starter pack will help you apply, infuse, and adapt the entrepreneurial mindset in different contexts.
What I found in the Engineering Unleashed community are creative and supportive instructors and researchers, where everyone shares their ideas and classroom practices to help others bring EM to students.
Help your students more routinely recognize opportunities, generate a wide array of possible concepts, and select the most promising concept for further development with the Ideation Toolkit.
The Ohio State University’s goal is to embed entrepreneurial mindset (EM) at scale, starting with first year engineering students.
I knew what I wanted to be: A philanthropist, a leader, an entrepreneur. In other words, an engineer.
Students can tell the difference between a professor who is not answering questions "for your own good" and one who genuinely doesn't know the answer but is curious to find out more with them.
Technology cannot be developed in a vacuum; the context of the social systems in which the technology is deployed is critical to whether or not there will be successful outcomes.
Whether you're new to KEEN or entrepreneurially minded learning, or a veteran school, use these tips to quickly involve faculty and staff who can integrate ideas from the KEEN framework into the campus culture.
Each year, through a committee of engineering leaders and a nomination process, KEEN has rock-and-roll themed awards for its “rising stars,” junior faculty who elevate themselves as educators with extraordinary impact on their students and colleagues.
Expand your interpersonal and intrapersonal skills and help others learn from your view of the world.
Although we may welcome a new challenge and commit to resolving it, we are unwittingly locked into past solutions. The Einstellung Effect may prevent consideration of better and more creative approaches.
No student should graduate without familiarity with STEM. Adopting the entrepreneurial mindset is just the next stage in this educational revolution!
The American Society for Engineering Education's (ASEE) Best Card Competition accompanies ASEE's Annual Conference. Presenters are eligible to enter the competition by submitting their materials on an Engineering Unleashed card, where a peer review process designates the winners.
My experiences with KEEN have helped evolve my teaching philosophy and have provided me opportunities for professional development, scholarship, and professional networking.
Get inspired by these exclusive talks from the 2021 KEEN National Conference about innovation, how to find new ideas, the true meaning of leadership, and more.