Video Library

Our extensive video library gives you the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by thought leaders in the entrepreneurial mindset (EM) movement for engineering education. 

Browse our video collections to explore the differences between entrepreneurial and traditional engineering, get strategies for infusing engineering education with industry, witness the impact of EM on students, and more. Get remote teaching resources and on-demand faculty webinars, too! Check out the playlists below:

Why have an Entrepreneurial Mindset in Engineering?

Entrepreneurial vs Traditional Engineering

In this video, two students demonstrate how engineering with an entrepreneurial mindset can lead to commercial and personal success.

Other videos include:

  • Entrepreneurially minded learning: A national interest
  • Why the entrepreneurial mindset matters
  • Why we need an entrepreneurial mindset


Remote Teaching Resources

Taking your whiteboard lecture online 

If you have an iPad and a stylus, this video is for you! Smitesh Bakrania, Associate Professor at Rowan University, shares his approach to creating an asynchronous lecture using videos recorded directly on his iPad. 

Other videos include:

  • How to engage students in a virtual environment
  • Maintaining academic integrity in a virtual setting
  • Preserving "hands-on" learning when moving engineering classes online


Student Impact

This is what engineers need to know. 

What do students think about entrepreneurially minded learning (EML)? In this selection, student George Valcarcel shares how Ohio State University students are not only embracing EML but co-creating curriculum with faculty to create value for other students. 

Other videos include:

  • How to really reach your students
  • Why the entrepreneurial mindset needs to start now
  • How entrepreneurially minded engineering brings personal fulfillment


Webinars On Demand

Ready, Set, Change! 

Facing faculty resistance over EML? This session with Julia Williams of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology will equip you with strategies to help you navigate through your campus landscape when expanding entrepreneurially minded learning. 

Other videos include:

  • How to create virtual engineering labs
  • Planning & managing virtual capstone classes
  • The Curiosity Index


Faculty Success Stories

Don't be afraid to educationally innovate 

"The entrepreneurial mindset for freshmen is particularly important," says Blake Hylton, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Coordinator, First-Year Engineering at Ohio Northern University. "If they can internalize the entrepreneurial mindset and turn it back on their own career, they're early enough as freshmen to have a great impact on their trajectory, identify where they have opportunities, and realize that value for themselves." 

Other videos include:

  • Before design: Start here
  • Why students win even if they lose a competition
  • How to connect education to the real world


Industry Validation

Industry wants engineering students with this mindset

How do you move student mindset to become more entrepreneurial? Peter Rogers, Professor of Practice at The Ohio State University, is helping to implement entrepreneurial mindset in large freshman classes. "I take the things I've learned from industry and apply them to student education. We get a chance to impact freshmen right off the bat."

Other videos include:

  • Creativity isn't enough: Teaching students true innovation
  • How to get better at engineering
  • How engineers can find success in industry


KEEN Talks

Can human heart muscle grow on spinach? 

The answer is yes! Dr. Glenn Gaudette, Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, had an aha moment at lunch when looking at a spinach leaf. Find out in this KEEN Talk how his curiosity led to a major medical and scientific breakthrough. 

Faculty, business leaders, and entrepreneurial thinkers give KEEN Talks to highlight the power of the entrepreneurial mindset. Other videos include:

  • Why products fail
  • Re-imagining STEM education for chronically ill children
  • Empathy and the entrepreneurial mindset