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Infusing Character and Virtues Across the Engineering Curriculum

Infusing Character and Virtues

Across the engineering curriculum

How can character education fit into an undergraduate engineering program? Faculty from Wake Forest University discuss their multidisciplinary approach.
Entrepreneurial Mindset and Quantified Self (QS)

Entrepreneurial Mindset and Quantified Self (QS)

Recording data on people’s lives

Learn how Lawrence Technological University faculty are using QS to weave entrepreneurship into the biomedical engineering curricula.
How to Engage Students in a Virtual Environment

How to Engage Students in a Virtual Environment

Institutions take on the challenge

Get strategies and ideas for stimulating student interaction and maintaining a sense of classroom community.

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The Lightbulb Moment

The Lightbulb Moment with Gary Klein

Gary Klein is a senior scientist at MacroCognition LLC and author of “Seeing what Others Don’t: The Remarkable Ways We Gain Insights” (2013). Listen as he discusses how insights are gained, how you can promote insights in courses and programs, and how you can help students see what others don’t.
Bring Entrepreneurship Into the Classroom

Bring Entrepreneurship Into the Classroom

Benson Garner, an entrepreneur, consultant, and graduate professor, introduces classroom tools to help your students map out how they intend to create value for customers while also creating value for their future employers.
Dollar Store Surgery

Dollar Store Surgery

Professor Patrick Atkinson puts students in the operating room – or at least one that can be inexpensively constructed and scaled for introductory courses! This tasks students with solving surgical problems without the benefit of knowing how such problems are typically addressed in the medical field. The goal is to create a realistic environment for students to better understand the needs of all stakeholders involved, from the patient to the surgeon.

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