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How to Empower Students with EM in Research
Updated: 11/28/2023 11:32 AM by Michael Johnson
Reviewed: 11/28/2023 11:33 AM by Becky Benishek
Faculty workshops + videos on how to integrate entrepreneurial mindset (EM) into undergraduate student research.

This card features two workshops designed to assist facilitators in organizing and conducting faculty workshops on undergraduate research mentoring.

Each workshop includes video content and supplementary resources, encompassing facilitator guides, handouts, PowerPoint slides, and faculty report templates. These resources will help you conduct a workshop on your campus and have already been piloted at several campuses across KEEN.

The initial offering of these workshops on KEEN campuses has not only reinforced the concepts of EML in the laboratory but has also sparked increased interests among undergraduates. Participating faculty members now possess a deeper understanding of the integral role EML plays in any research endeavor.

Please reach out to the authors of this card with any questions about how to conduct a workshop on your campus.

Many instructors across KEEN and beyond have been involving students in their research for years. They came together to develop this package of resources to help undergrads get excited about the opportunity and garner more involvement from them.

This card is part of a larger package of resources and focuses on giving faculty tools to engage students in undergrad research.

Card 3165 provides instructor guides, strategies, and videos to excite first-year students about getting involved in research.

Card 3619 provides additional videos and instructor guides to be used within classes to help explain different elements of the undergraduate research journey.

All of these cards are open to adaptation and adoption.

More Context:
Faculty members play a crucial role in nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset (EM) among students, especially when they work closely with students on research activities. To be effective role models and pass on this mindset, faculty themselves must possess an entrepreneurial mindset.

The objective here is to bring together faculty members to brainstorm ideas on how to better engage and mentor undergraduate students in research activities, help them understand the connection to the larger world, recognize interdisciplinary opportunities, and foster entrepreneurial thinking.

What’s in this card:
There is a playlist of videos created for this content, which you can view here:

  • Faculty Workshop 1: How to Involve Undergrads in Research
  • Faculty Workshop 2: Why Involve Undergrads in Research

View implementation strategies in the Instructor Tips section.

  • Demonstrate constant curiosity about our changing world
  • Integrate information from many sources to gain insight
  • Assess and manage risk
Creating Value
  • Identify unexpected opportunities to create extraordinary value
  • Persist through and learn from failure
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