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Student-centered learning environment, close industry partnerships, and research that embraces theory and practice.

LTU can transform a student’s passion for technology and design into a unique ability to deliver inspired innovation. With 80 years of experience in educating successful engineers, LTU strives to give students the tools and practical experience they need to advance the engineering profession or pursue an advanced degree. LTU’s accredited programs provide students with a strong foundation in the fundamentals of engineering in an environment infused with an entrepreneurial mindset.

To be recognized for transformative STEM and design education that develops leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset and global perspective.

Why We're In KEEN
Since KEEN’s inception in 2004, Lawrence Tech has been partnering with other KEEN institutions to provide faculty opportunities to share best practices, build relationships, and improve their entrepreneurially minded pedagogy. KEEN also provides students the opportunity to work with students at other institutions in competitions and workshops.

Together, LTU and KEEN are changing engineering education in the US to graduate engineers prepared to face the technological and economic challenges of this century and o keep the US at the forefront of technological innovation in today’s global economy.

Showcase Work
As part of their required curriculum, engineering students at Lawrence Tech complete the Interdisciplinary Design and Entrepreneurial Applications Sequence (IDEAS).

IDEAS is more than just a clever acronym. Lawrence Tech recognizes that the problems engineers face are becoming more and more complex. The IDEAS curriculum affords the students multiple opportunities across their undergraduate experience to exercise their entrepreneurial mindset.

IDEAS fosters a habit of thought that empowers students to be curious about the world around them and to recognize opportunities to connect the technical skills learned in the classroom to the needs of their customer. Students become champions of value creation.

IDEAS begins during the students’ first year where design projects focus on value creation, collaboration, and communication. During year two, students complete a semester long design project where a major focus is making connections while developing empathy and making an impact in society. During the third year, students continue their focus on character while taking a deeper dive in collaboration.

IDEAS culminates with a capstone design experience that brings together the entire entrepreneurial mindset with their technical skillset.

Current Work
Lawrence Tech is leading a multi-institutional initiative to infuse EM into undergraduate research opportunities.

Previous Work
Lawrence Tech has been featured in all six issues of KEEN'zine, most recently in Issue 6 with “A Blueprint to Reach 100% of Students”.

Featured Cards

Being part of the Network has made a huge difference in the education of every single one of our engineering students at Lawrence Tech. Students that graduate today are better equipped to make a difference in the world than students who graduated 10 years ago.
--Maria Vaz, former Provost
Liping Liu 7 others
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We look to introduce a framework for implementing the 3C’s into research activities, and use EM to address common challenges in undergraduate research.

John Peponis 5 others
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Instructor guides, strategies, and videos to excite first-year students about getting involved in research.
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