Branding Guidelines

These branding guidelines include the insights and knowledge you'll need to portray an accurate representation of Engineering Unleashed in content.

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Brand Pillars

Our brand pillars reflect the purpose of Engineering Unleashed. They are the brand truths that project the positive change Engineering Unleashed makes in people’s lives. This applies not only to our community members, but the students we reach through teaching, research, and service.

Thriving Community 

We’re a community of change agents who thrive on collaboration and positive impact. Our community amplifies the knowledge and skill of each member and we give back to our colleagues when possible. 

Skillset and Mindset 

The 3C’s – curiosity, connections, and creating value – encompass the mindset of successful engineers who positively impact our changing world. Engineering skillset is the power and mindset is the direction. When the two are combined, our members and our students are enabled to successfully improve and advance human progress. 

Opportunity and Impact 

Opportunity is the foundation for creating value. An entrepreneurial mindset encourages people to connect action and opportunity in order to identify ways to create a positive impact. 

Human Flourishing 

Our ultimate goal is to inspire collaboration that will encourage members to contribute impactful and positive change. We want members to flourish as educators so we can, in turn, help engineering students and graduates flourish within society.

Powered by KEEN

KEEN (Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network) represents the institutional commitment that will continue to impact and grow the Engineering Unleashed community. 

The community logo - Engineering Unleashed, powered by KEEN – reflects the impact of these institutions and recognizes that it is the hard work and dedication of a community of faculty and staff within these institutions who lead these efforts. 

The Entrepreneurial Engineering Movement

While KEEN and Engineering Unleashed share a mission and vision that is focused on adding entrepreneurial mindset to undergraduate engineering, they are part of something larger: The Entrepreneurial Engineering Movement. 

Members of this movement believe that an entrepreneurial mindset coupled with engineering thought and action, expressed through collaboration and communication, and founded on character, is the key to unleashing human potential in order to solve societal problems and create an environment for human flourishing.

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