Entrepreneurial mindset in the first year

How to Facilitate EM Adoption in First Years

When you integrate entrepreneurial mindset (EM) into first-year programs, you've created an impactful mechanism for developing entrepreneurially-minded engineering graduates. First, you must understand and embrace the connection between traditional first-year engineering curriculum and EM. The EMIFY project can help!

EMIFY: Entrepreneurial Mindset in the First Year


Get started with Card #3945: EMIFY Card Deck.

First-year educators from across the network have shared activities, projects, and other content to help you catalyze and facilitate adoption of EM activities. These GIFTS - Great Ideas for Teaching Students - include design activities on a short timescale, design projects on a long timescale, technical skill building, professional skill building, mindset/attitude activities, and full course frameworks. Get Card #3945: EMIFY Card Deck.

Explore activities from the EMIFY Card Deck:

Card #3069
Reverse Engineer YouTube Videos

Card #3930
Mini Design Projects with Personas

Card #3933
Connecting to Campus Resources

Card #3958
Engineering Quest

Card #3922
Lab-to-Market Accelerator

Card #2327
Tinkering to Engage

EMIFY was presented at the 2024 KEEN National Conference.