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Building Entrepreneurially Minded Learning Foundations in STEM

The Engineering Unleashed Fellowship is comprised of faculty who were selected by their peers for their contribution to entrepreneurial engineering education. These faculty participated in the Engineering Unleashed Faculty Development National Workshop Program, advancing the community's mission to integrate entrepreneurial mindset into practices that benefit their students, their institutions, and greater society.

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Building Entrepreneurially Minded Learning (EML) Foundations in STEM

Programmable Logic Controllers Design Project

Programmable Logic Controllers Design Project, by Justin Starr

In a typical mid-size company, the introduction of one Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) system can save tens of thousands of dollars when compared to traditional relays. As part of their final project, students must create a business proposal for a PLC system. They must then connect the PLC to a physical real-world system and write code to demonstrate the logic they aim to control. Finally, they must analyze the economic benefits of this system by comparing against traditional relays.