Top 10 of 2021

As we close out 2021, we wanted to thank you for being part of the Engineering Unleashed community! We sincerely appreciate your support, especially during these unusual times.

With recommendations from our Community Catalysts, we’ve compiled a Top 10 of resourceful people and cards that faculty found most helpful this year—and to inspire you for next year.

Enhanced Search

10. Enhanced Search 

We were happy to hear from so many of you that this year’s new search features have enhanced your search results. We’ve got more updates planned to help deliver the growing set of resources in the community. 

Log in and search for things like reverse engineering and guided reflection – or even try this “food” search for a potluck of engaging entrepreneurial mindset activities!

Card Review Rubric

9. Card Review Rubric 

The Community Catalysts developed a rubric to help authors create content and allow for standard feedback to card authors. This is an important step toward implementing a card review process in Engineering Unleashed.

Live Discussions

8. Live Discussions 

New this year: Any community member can schedule and host a live discussion

Faculty enjoyed topics such as:

Faculty Stories

7. Faculty Stories 

Community members have been contributing their classroom and teaching experiences. One such story from Aaron Sakulich (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) tells of an unconventional approach to education—and an essential social context your students need.

Engineering Unleashed Fellows

6. Engineering Unleashed Fellows 

The Fellowship is comprised of faculty who have participated in a Faculty Development National Workshop and been recognized by their workshop facilitators for their outstanding contribution to entrepreneurial engineering education. Meet the Fellows and view their projects.

Empathy Map

5. The Empathy Map 

We asked the Community Catalysts to highlight their favorite cards from the past year. This one was at the top of the list. 

When a student is personally connected to an issue, it can help them learn how to design with empathy for all. In this activity, students develop questions and reach out to someone they know who is living with a disability so they can design a device to assist them with activities of daily living.

Card published by Andrea Kwaczala, Western New England University.

KEEN Rising Stars

4. KEEN Rising Stars

KEEN Rising Stars are rock stars: Junior faculty who have shown outstanding dedication to bring entrepreneurially minded learning to their courses, curriculum, and beyond! 

Meet Heath, Reva, and Andrew - the 2021 Rising Stars.

 Faculty Development Workshop

3. Faculty Development Workshop

We look forward to all of the faculty-led workshops, both new and time-tested offerings. The Integrating Curriculum with Entrepreneurial Mindset (ICE) workshop has become one of the favorites. The combination of active learning and entrepreneurial mindset can be immediately applied to curriculum and instruction! 

Offered twice this year, this launchpad for innovation in education saw around 70 participants and has been a consistent generator of Engineering Unleashed Fellows, awarding 18 of the 56 fellowships over the past two years.

Clark Hochgraf

2. Our Most Active Member 

Here’s a special shout-out to Clark Hochgraf (Rochester Institute of Technology), our most active community member in 2021. 

Clark was a facilitator for the Faculty Development National Workshop Story Makers: A Quest to Engage, Connect, and Inspire, is a 2021 Engineering Unleashed Fellow, was a 2021 KEEN National Conference presenter, and has published several cards

Watch for him at the 2022 Conference!

1. New Video feat. Cristi Bell-Huff 

"Engineers should be solving problems to help people. They should be characterized by their technical excellence and their service to society. An entrepreneurial mindset really helps us bring that into focus." 

Take a look at the work that Cristi Bell-Huff, a KEEN Rising Star, has been implementing on her campus. We also wanted to thank her for her diligence and good humor in keeping our Faculty Development National Workshops on track!